The Twenty Most Productive Nations In The World

Douglas A. McIntyre

8 ) The Commonwealth Of Australia

*Population: 21,515,754

*GDP (ppp): $997 billion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $38,910

The island nation has an economy not unlike the one in the US a century ago. The country has little intellectual property, but its range of natural resources has few peers. Some of the largest mines and mining companies in the world are in Australia due to large deposits of iron ore and copper. The country is also a large supplier of natural gas. The government, which promotes free-market regulations, is also critical to Australia’s success.

9) The Republic Of Austria

*Population: 8,214,160

*GDP (ppp): $381 billion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $38,838

The country is a large trading partner with Germany. Austria is a major financial center and has large steel manufacturing and chemical plants. Over ten percent of the country’s GDP comes from tourism.

10) The State Of Kuwait

*Population: 2,789,132

*GDP (ppp): $111 billion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $38,304

The nation’s oil reserves are the fifth largest among all nations – ahead of Venezuela, Russia, and the US. And the country has only 2.9 million people. The industry supports that population so completely that unemployment is only slightly above two percent.

11) Canada

*Population: 33,759,742

*GDP (ppp): $1.34 trillion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $38,025

The country has a great deal In common with Australia economically, and the two have relatively similarly sized populations. Canada is rich in minerals, gas, oil, shale oil, and farmland. The nation is the largest exporter of energy to the US.

12) The United Arab Emirates

*Population: 4,975,593

*GDP (ppp): $230 billion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $36,535

The country is sixth in the world in proven oil reserves just behind Kuwait. There are less than five million people in the UAE. Some modest amount of GDP comes from infrastructure capacity, much related to the oil industry.

13) The Kingdom Of Sweden

*Population: 9,074,055

*GDP (ppp): $405 billion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $35,964

Like other northern European nations, Sweden has a highly socialized government which nearly guarantees relatively good incomes for most of the county’s workers. The nation’s bounty of natural resources includes timber, hydropower, and minerals – particularly iron.

14) Denmark

*Population: 5,515,575

*GDP (ppp): $309 billion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $35, 757

Another Northern European nation in which income is largely guaranteed by the government. The country has huge pharmaceutical and shipping industries. Denmark is also in the forefront of developing renewable energy products.