Nine Great Brands That Had To Change Their Name

Xe Services

*Formerly: Blackwater Worldwide

*Year Changed: 2009

Similar to Philip Morris Companies, private military company Blackwater changed its name to escape its damaged reputation.  The company came under fire for a number of alleged criminal abuses while working for the U.S. government in Iraq, including the killing of Iraqi citizens. According to the company, the change marked a conscious shift away from the private security business. Today, it runs one of the largest training facilities for military, security and law enforcement professionals.

LG Corp.

*Formerly: Lucky and GoldStar Co., Ltd.

*Year Changed: 1995

LG Corp. was formed in 1947 in South Korea under the name Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp.  This company soon called themselves “Lucky,” focusing mainly in cosmetics and hygiene products. The company also moved into the home appliance industry under the name “GoldStar.”  The electronics division of the company quickly enjoyed great success and expanded internationally.  To better suit tastes of the global market, the company changed its name to the more western-friendly “LG Corp.” – which it now associates with its tag line “Life’s Good.”

Panasonic Corporation

*Formerly: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

*Year Changed: 2008

The company now known as Panasonic was once known under many different brand names across the world, including National, Technics, and of course, Panasonic. Known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. from its founding in 1935, in 2008 the company changed its name to Panasonic Corporation to unify under a singular global brand – and its most popular.

Oracle Corporation

*Formerly: Relational Software

*Year Changed: 1995

Formerly known as the easily forgettable Relational Software, the now famous computer company officially switched names to Oracle Systems in 1982. The change was prompted because the company’s most successful product, the Oracle Database, had become more popular in name than the actual company. The name underwent further polishing in 1995 when it was changed, for the last time, to Oracle Corporation.

Douglas A. McIntyre and Charles Stockdale