The 24/7 Wall St./Flame Index: Companies With The Worst Press (6/9)

Nokia was badly hurt by poor earnings and rumors of a takeovers. CVS suffered from a report by Fox Business the organized crime has hurt retail margins. EMC division RSA suffers major hack data breach.

The Flame Index started as a research tool in 2008 at the NY Innovation Design Lab (nyidlab). It was used as a general metric to evaluate companies and their risk in the media. Publicly traded Fortune 500 companies are used as a measure to calculate an overall market of negative news and the companies are ranked within that market.

Rank Company Ticker Score Change in Rank Comments
10 FedEx FDX 22.261 +47  Hikes dividend
22 Nokia NOK 19.408 +716  On the ropes. Buyout rumors
25 CVS Caremark CVS 19.128 +704 Fox Business points to organized crime problems
28 Aetna AET 18.489 +307  Forecasts soft quarterly numbers
35 Manpower MAN 17.527 +59  Struggles in China market
39 Universal Health Services UHS 17.256 +53  Reaction to presentation at Goldman analyst conference
42 Sara Lee SLE 17.081 +104  Nestle launches competing products
46 EMC EMC 16.704 +104  RSA division has huge data breach
48 Symantec SYMC 16.232 +357  Hackers undermine confidence in online securities firms
50 Amgen AMGN 16.171 +363  Teva will launch competing product

Data and ranking provided by the Flame Index.