McDonald’s Wins Again, Same Store Rockets

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The recession-proof, big-dividend-paying, 52-week-high-trading, largest fast food company on the globe, McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) posted remarkable same-store sales worldwide.

McDonald’s global comparable sales growth of 5.5% in October.

In the U.S., comparable sales rose 5.2% . “The excitement of the Monopoly game promotion and the popularity of featured products, including the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, Fruit & Maple Oatmeal and McCafe beverages, were key drivers for the month.” At least the oatmeal is healthy.

Europe posted a 4.8% increase in comparable sales for the month driven by performance in France, Russia and the U.K. The segment continued to benefit from locally-relevant menu choices, promotional food events, everyday value options and reimaged restaurants that are more convenient and accessible.

Comparable sales in Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa increased 6.1% for the month led by Australia, China and Japan. APMEA’s results were driven by convenience, unique daypart value platforms, and a balance of core and local offerings.

In the U.S., comparable sales rose 5.2%. McDonald’s created food that is likely to put people in the hospital eventually.

Burger King might as well go out of business.

Douglas A. McIntyre