Vringo's Odd Price & Volume Spike (VRNG)

Vringo, Inc. (AMEX: VRNG) is seeing a large share gain on Monday after being touted online as a would-be Facebook beneficiary, although this one seems a bit odd as an outsider.  The company recently just had its listing approval standard plan approved by the New York Stock Exchange (for American Stock Exchange). 

Vringo’s model allows users to choose their own favorite video ring tones to be installed, which can then be shared with friends and contacts.  It has social mobile apps, video ringtones, and it is said to “power new channels for fan engagement, increase brand loyalty, and social mobile publication.”

The ongoing interest seems to be around CEO Jon Medved being featured in Connect-World Magazine’s Asia Pacific edition in the January 2012 edition.  This looks like one of those classic examples of a company with this analogy… “If you are under 25 or so, you get. If you are older, you probably don’t get it and probably don’t care.”

Vringo shares are up almost 12% at $1.12 and the 52-week trading range is $0.68 to $3.30. With a market cap of about $6.9 million, this is one of those which could fly under the radar for quite some time.