Cybex Stock Tout Creates Trading Fluke (CYBI)

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Cybex International Inc. (NASDAQ: CYBI) was halted based on a single-stock circuit breaker getting triggered on Friday afternoon.  Some investors may think that the company is suddenly being acquired or that a big investor like Warren Buffett or someone of that caliber took a position in the company.  That is not the case and not even close.

The reason that this stock popped so much today is because a portfolio manager came on CNBC and touted the stock as a long-shot potential winner after it was already up big this year as a turnaround.  The company makes Cybex workout equipment that is used for weight-training and cardio-training in exercise settings.

Investors need to know that this was a fluke, even if it goes up again.  After a 29% gain to $2.88 this has a mere $50 million market cap.  The prior 52-week range was $0.36 to $2.80 and the stock’s intra-day trading range is $2.11 to $3.60.  In short, it was up 50% at one point.  It is a tiny company and its sales were $140 million in 2011.  It made money in 2011 at $34.2 million after operating losses of -$58.237 million in 2010 and after operating losses of -$2.437 million in 2009.

The trading volume has been 1.4 million shares and the average volume is only 85,000 shares.

Today’s move was simply on one tout, nothing more nothing less.