German Record Imports And Exports

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Despite the fact that much of Europe is crumbling around it, Germany posted recent highs for both imports and exports in March. Demand from the US and developing markets must be good. The topline numbers in the report indicated that was the case. Many of Germany’s neighbors are nearly bankrupt. Germany’s federal statistics bureau reported:

Germany exported commodities to the value of Euro 98.9 billion and imported commodities to the value of Euro 81.5 billion in March 2012.

As further reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) on the basis of provisional data, these were the highest monthly figures ever recorded for exports and imports (both previous all-time highs recorded in March 2011).

Compared with March 2011, German exports increased by 0.7% and imports by 2.6% in March 2012. Upon calendar and seasonal adjustment, exports increased by 0.9% and imports by 1.2% compared with February 2012.