Chinese Sick Of Pollution

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Gallup has issued a poll about the attitude of the Chinese toward pollution. Experts have believed for a long time that the People’s Republic does not care much about clean water or air when those are balanced against industrial growth. The only public example of a crackdown on pollution was during the Beijing Olympics when the country wanted to show it was something more than a cesse poll. Residents of China view the problem from another angle, which is the one that has to do with their health. The government has been able to trump this, but that may not last for long. The number of severe cases of disease related to pollution continues an alarming rise according to World Bank and other research. Gallup reports:

“Fifty-seven percent of Chinese adults surveyed in 2011 — before the country’s economic slowdown grabbed headlines — prioritized protecting the environment, even at the risk of curbing economic growth.”

Add that to the problems of the central government which has already begun to contend with a drop in GDP growth

Douglas A. McIntyre