Media Digest (4/1/2013) Reuters, WSJ, NYT, FT, Bloomberg

Weak small businesses in Spain and Italy could cause the next wave of problems in the European Union. (Reuters)

Mobile messaging apps begin to compete with use of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB). (Reuters)

The movement of stocks and commodities have mirrored each other for five years but no longer do so. (WSJ)

Large depositors in Cyprus banks will lose up to 40% of their money. (WSJ)

Web TV company Aereo begins talks with pay services such as Dish Network Corp. (NASDAQ: DISH). (WSJ)

China puts new restrictions on home prices as they continue to rise sharply. (WSJ)

Proxy firm Glass Lewis says investors should vote against a MetroPCS Communications Inc. (NYSE: PCS) merger with T-Mobile. (WSJ)

Some 40 % of public company trades are now done off major exchanges. (NYT)

Russian oil companies rush to become part of the shale boom. (FT)

Michael Dell may support a leveraged buyout of Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) by Blackstone Group L.P. (NYSE: BX), if he stays on as chief executive. (Bloomberg)