China Says It Does Not Steal US Intellectual Property

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Despite decades of evidence to the contrary, the Chinese government says it does not steal U.S. intellectual property. It is among the most preposterous claims made over the course of the trade war between the two nations.

In a comment in the government-controlled Peoples Daily, an editor wrote: “Recently, some people in the U.S. have been making such claims as the U.S. was ‘unfairly treated’ while China gained ‘tremendous perks and advantages’, and ‘China steals U.S. intellectual property’. Such voices are a continuation of the groundless allegations of the U.S. against China on the so-called infringement upon intellectual property in recent years.”

In reality, China has stolen a range of products from Microsoft Windows, which has been widely counterfeited, to movies to knock offs of expensive jewelry and watch brands. There are a number of instances in which China has violated U.S. patents. Detailed plans for hardware and software have also been routinely stolen.

The writer goes on to say: “Has the U.S. developed itself through stealing? Can the U.S. develop itself through stealing? The answers are probably negative from the mouths of the Americans.” Since there is no body of evidence, the claim cannot be supported. In China’s case, it can be.

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