These Are the Jobs Being Destroyed by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the American economy to shed millions of jobs, though its effects are uneven. E-commerce businesses have done very well. So have hardware and software companies, which have seen a rise in customers as people have been forced to work and educate their children from home. Some jobs have nearly disappeared and may show tremendous declines in prospects as the year closes.

Job review company Glassdoor looked at the state of the economy and offered a list of jobs that will be affected most negatively in 2021. Discretionary health care jobs made the list. So did personal services jobs and jobs in administration. It could be argued that much of the demand for these was eroded by shutdowns and the need for social distancing. If so, these jobs may not return until much of the U.S. population is vaccinated.

Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain commented: “As the global pandemic shifts consumer behavior and workplace habits certain jobs like audiologists, executive assistants and coaches may not return en masse for years, if ever.”

These 20 jobs will have the largest declines next year, according to Glassdoor.

Job Title October Openings Pandemic Decline
Audiologist 2,336 −70%
Event Coordinator 1,723 −69%
Product Demonstrator 2,567 −63%
Optician 2,208 −61%
Chef 6,569 −56%
Executive Assistant 2,308 −55%
Beauty Consultant 6,065 −53%
Valet 2,485 −51%
Stylist 5,237 −50%
Coach 6,844 −47%
Brand Ambassador 5,925 −41%
Pet Groomer 3,854 −41%
Physical Therapist 17,372 −40%
Intern 7,731 −39%
Professor 8,651 −39%
HR Generalist 3,314 −37%
Accounts Payable Specialist 3,417 −37%
Receptionist 11,627 −35%
Instructor 12,751 −34%
Sales Manager 16,525 −34%
Accountant 19,723 −29%
Account Executive 14,337 −27%