Cramer names annointed stocks institutions use for mechanics

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Cramer said the mechanics of the market are a secret to most.  This moves stocks in the short term, and the institutons will hate him for this.  The mechanics of a stock moving up are more imprtant than the fundamentals and "the market" doesnt really exist.

With this you can outsmart the institutions, but this is on short-term gaming.  This is why you can buy stocks that already ran and still make money.  Symbolism is important here.  They may need to have oil exposure, so Exxon (XOM) is symbolic for that.  In aerospace, it is Boeing (BA), in banking it is Bank of America (BAC), with internets it is Google (GOOG), equipment is Cisco (CSCO), in oil services it is Schlumberger (SLB).

Jon C. Ogg
November 29, 2006