Cramer Has More Picks For a Weak Dollar

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On the STOP TRADING segment on CNBC today, Jim Cramer went over some more picks for a weaker US Dollar.  Before he came on today, the dollar had weakend after the economic data to $1.3326 per Euro, which gets it the weakest level in 18 months and with a couple percent of essentially record lows.

He said this isn’t really new.  He said dividend stocks are better because you aren’t getting any return in treasuries.  He also said he wouldn’t be shocked if today’sselling was wire orders for redemptions to switch managers before year-end. 

He thinks you can start buying on week Fridays.  He could create a Wal-Mart/Ford story that could scare you out of a WMT & F short but he won’t.

He is still touting healthcare here.  He said it is a gift, but gave no names (see my earlier post).

Go buy gold if it is really stagflation fears.

Ruth’s Chris (RUTH) was given a positive comment by Cramer when Erin Burnette said their CEO would be on.

Jon C. Ogg
December 1, 2006