Cramer's MAD MONEY in Indiana

Douglas A. McIntyre

On today’s STOP TRADING segment on CNBC, Cramer was on the road at the Indiana University where he will be hosting his MAD MONEY tonight (with a guest appearance later from Mark Cuban).  He noted about high shipping freight rates showing there is no global slowdown.  The rest of the world is strong and we are the weak economy.  As far as this goes Cramer said China wants all of your finished product

CVRD (RIO) is great and Cramer thinks Lundin (LMC) could go to $15 soon because it is too valuable.  As far as tech goes, AM TECH made a call on H-P (HPQ) and Cramer said he likes that stock but doesn’t like the tech sector.  He thinks of tech like most think of as housing right now.  On Washington Mutual (WM), Cramer likes the yield and he thinks it probably overdone to the downside except you have to know there could be a coming write-down charge in the name.

Jon C. Ogg
April 4, 2007

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