Cramer Now Calling For $750 Google...Or Is It $900?

Douglas A. McIntyre

On CNBC’s MAD MONEY tonight, Jim Cramer discussed Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and said that it isn’t expensive despite many pundits calling it expensive.  The Lehman target of $714 and the Merrill Lynch target of $740 may seem high, but Cramer said his old $600 target that went recently to $701 is now at $750.00 so that he’s the highest target out there.  He even thinks ultimately it could even go higher to $900.00.  He thinks it is such a sustainable business that it isn’t even a growth stock.  This is one of Cramer’s “new four horsemen of tech” and even at a $200 Billion market cap it isn’t expensive, and he thinks that it is cheap compared to every stock in its league.  We just recently gave a forward multiple and read for what Google would look like if its stock instantly went to $700.00.

Jon C. Ogg
October 10, 2007