Media Digest 9/7/2007 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Barron’s

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According to Reuters, Lehman Brothers (LEH) and National City are cutting 2,150 mortgage jobs.

Reuters writes that more PC game players are beginning to use notebooks as their processing power increase.

Retuers writes that Domoco (DCM) is losing subscribers to  smaller rival Softbank as a cell carrier price was goes on.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Congress is beginning a probe into Matterl’s (MAT) policy for reporting problems with its toys to federal regulators.

The Wall Street Journal also writes that regulators are investigating whether credit rating firms like Moody’s (MCO) are independent of Wall St.

The Wall Street Journal writes that CBS (CBS) has bought a company that will allow it to show programming in places like grocery stock check outs.

The New York Times writes that Starbuck’s has opened its first store in Russia.

The New York Times writes that UAW negotiations with the Big Three may go past their deadline.

The FT writes that the head of GM is calling for a Fed rate cut.

The FT writes that the Justice Department has come out against "net neutrality".

Barrons writes that National Semi (NSM) reported strong earnings.

Douglas A. McIntyre