Media Digest 10/24/2007

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According to Reuters, shares in Amazon (AMZN) dropped on concerns about margins in it latest earnings.

Reuters writes that RIM (RIMM) will start to market its Blackberry in China.

Reuters reports that Oracle (ORCL) has set a deadline of Sunday on its bid to buy BEA (BEA).

Reuters writes that Wal-Mart (WMT) is making a bid to convince Wall St. that it is still a growth company.

Reuters writes that Google (GOOG) has cut a deal with Nielsen on TV audience data.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Merrill Lynch (MER) wrotes down $7 billion in its last quarter.

The Wall Street Journal writes that owners of structured investment vehicles need to find investors for $100 billion in debt that comes due in the next few months.

The Wall Street Journal reports that increases in Verizon’s (VZ) TV subscribers is complicating the vote on taking cable TV firm Cablevision (CVC) private.

The Wall Street Journal has aaked Glaxo (GSK) to put a warning lable about heart attack risks on its diabetes drug Avandia

The Wall Street Journal writes that Qualcomm (QCOM) is announcing new chips to let laptop computers use multiple cellular data services, hoping to outflank a high-profile alternative called WiMAX.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Countrywide (CFC) is seeing option adjustable-rate mortgages go bad in addition to other types of loans in its portfolio.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Cisco (CSCO) has bought WiMax euiment start-up Navini, aligning itself with Intel (INTC) as a proponent of the new tech.

The New York Times writes that Amgen (AMGN) won a patent battle with Roche over the European company’s anemia drug

The FT writes that Wal-Mart (WMT) is shifting its focus outside to outside the US.

Barron’s writes that shares in Infinera (INFN) fell on poor sales figures.

Douglas A. McIntyre