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Closing price January 21, 2021
Apple+ has a long road to elbow itself to the center of the streaming wars. Netflix just showed how competitive the industry continues to be.
Apple leads four companies with $1 trillion valuations. Its large advantage over the others is due largely by two things.
While many analysts are suggesting broad sector rotation, a new research report from the Jefferies internet team suggests staying with mega-cap leaders for 2021. Some may have storm clouds forming,...
Apple TV+ has among the lowest monthly subscription prices across all the major streaming services. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) was late to the streaming video wars, but, the price point may be the...
Amazon on Tuesday announced the purchase of 11 cargo planes, the first aircraft the company has ever purchased. It leases and operates a fleet of 73 planes.
Apple is so far behind the subscriber curve that, to win the streaming wars, it will need to buy a rival.
The stock market hit nose bleed levels at the end of 2020, which took the market caps of many of America’s largest companies to records and allowed private company after private company enter...
There are four U.S. companies that currently have a market value of more than $1 trillion. All four are expected to continue performing well, but, perhaps, not as well as they have this year.
Walt Disney management made it clear at its investor day that its streaming services growth will crush the competition.
In what can only be described as either the most courageous call or the biggest sign of a market top ever, BofA Securities has added Broadcom to its US 1 list of top stocks to Buy after a massive run...
Netflix is raising its membership fee by $1 a month beginning in January. Is now the right time to do that?
If the huge delivery system of UPS has been taxed, Amazon's large and complex delivery infrastructure could falter as well.
Amazon and BlackBerry have struck a deal under which BlackBerry's automobile technology will be managed by Amazon's AWS cloud services. This could be a big deal over the next few years.
BlackBerry shares shot up on Tuesday after the company announced a deal with Amazon. Ultimately, the deal is to develop and market BlackBerry's Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform, IVY
Not included among 75 tech company CEOs who signed a pledge to pay their "fair" share of taxes to support the Tech for Good initiative were Tim Cook of Apple and Jeff Bezos of