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Closing price September 18, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has lifted uncertainty among many retailers and other firms related to how many seasonal employees they'll be hiring. A repeat of last year's strong hiring is unlikely.
Amazon has launched a Luxury Stores section with iconic American fashion house Oscar de la Renta as its first store. Got to give the e-commerce behemoth credit for never giving up on selling luxury...
FedEx says it will add 70,000 workers to meet holiday demand. The only reason that it would need this army of people is if e-commerce is expected to surge during the period.
According to a new research report, Amazon Air will end the year with 58 planes in its fleet, an increase of 38% since the beginning of 2020. plans to add an extraordinary number of workers in the United States and Canada. The hiring binge is more bad news for America's brick-and-mortar retailers.
Shareholders are far from optimistic about Walmart's prospects. The primary challenge is its large number of stores.
A new lawsuit alleges that Amazon is using deceptive practices and committing fraud in the sale of batteries from third-party sellers. This lawsuit has a better chance than many to give the...
24/7 Wall St. has put together a list of well-known, mostly very large, publicly traded corporations that are a combination of safe harbor stocks and stocks in powerful tech firms.
Amazon has received an exemption that allows Prime Air to be considered an air carrier as it continues development of its drone delivery platform.
After Friday's close, two very high-profile stock splits are taking place. 24/7 Wall St. thinks there are some other stocks that could and should split their shares in their wake.
As the e-commerce giant looks to extend its reach into new markets, one analyst sees more upside for Amazon stock.
There seems to be an insatiable appetite from the investing community for the great growth stories in America. Earnings and dividends almost seem to not even have any place at all when it comes to...
Apple's stock price increase has been based in part on a belief that sales of the new iPhone will surge at year-end. Reasons for improved prospects for Amazon and Microsoft are just as convincing.
These companies were really big winners in the most recent earnings reporting season. They have survived the pandemic and then some, and they have the fundamentals to prove it.
Whether it's a bull or a bear market is still up for debate, with the economy still in a recession. What is not up for debate is whether the investing community cares what Warren Buffett is saying...