Media Digest 4/18/2008 Reuters, WSJ, NYTImes, FT, Bloomberg

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According to Reuters, RBS (RBS) plans a rights offering next week to raise capital.

Reuters reports that Google (GOOG) beat Wall St. expectation.

Reuters reports that NY State will investigation the auction-rate securities debacle.

Reuters writes that AMD (AMD) posted is sixth straight loss.

Reuters reports that the FBI says subprime investigations may lead to hedge funds.

Rueters writes that the FCC is weighing actions about broadband providers who restrict access to some users.

The Wall Street Journal reports that natural gas prices in the US are up 93% since August.

The Wall Street Journal writes that GE (GE) is working with the FAA over questions about improperly certified parts for its jet engines.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Motorola (MOT) changed management within its troubled handset division.

The New York Times writes that employees at many companies are working fewer hours rather than being laid off.

The FT writes that the CEO of Citigroup (C) said he will cut expenses by 20%.

Bloomberg writes that the price of rise rose more than its had in seven years last week.

Douglas A. McIntyre