Media Digest 3/5/2008 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

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According to Reuters, Google (GOOG) lost a key executive to Facebook.

Reuters reports that losses at Credit Agricole were worse than expected

Reuters reports that OPEC indicated that it would leave production unchanged.

Reuters writes that AT&T (T) will invest $1 billion in worldwide expansion.

The Wall Street Journal writes that federal authorities are investigating a rogue trader at MF Global.

The Wall Street Journal writes that the CEO of GM (GM) will focus on global growth and advanced technologies. The company has appointed a COO.

The Wall Street Journal writes that some CEOs appear to have given stock to charity timed to get good tax benefits often acting just before a company’s shares fell.

The Wall Street Journal writes that AMD (AMD) introduced a new, more powerful chip.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Verizon (VZ) customers hoping to get a free Sharp TV are having to wait due to short supplies.

The Wall Street Journal wirtes that insider selling at Google has caused some analysts to suggest selling the shares short.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Yahoo! (YHOO) has stepped up merger talks with TIme Warner’s (TWX) AOL.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple (AAPL) will not buy-back shares or create a dividend.

The New York Times writes that Citigroup (C) tried to calm skeptics who think it will have to raise money again.

The FT writes that Amazon (AMZN) will get into the business of selling wine.

The FT reports that Facebook is talking to record labels about launching a music service.

Bloomberg writes that auction-rate bond failures are approaching 70%.

Douglas A. McIntyre