Media Digest 5/12/2008 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Barron’s

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According to Reuters, Cablevision (CVC) is close to buy newspaper Newsday

Reuters writes that RIM (RIM) is releasing its Blackberry Bold, aimed at keeping its lead in the business market.

Reuters writes that April retail sales were flat with a year ago.

Reuters writes that SingTel will bring the Apple (AAPL) iPhone to Asia this year.

The Wall Street Journal writes that AIG’s (AIG) aircraft leasing business is thinking about breaking away from the parent.

The Wall Street Journal writes that new nuclear plants will cost much more than previously expected.

The Wall Street Journal writes that inflation in China was near a decade-high.

The Wall Street Journal writes that some hedge funds with huge losses are coming back to investors with new ideas.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook raised $100 million in debt financing.

The Wall Street Journal writes that American Axle and the UAW have both hardened their positions in a labor dispute.

The New York Times writes tha six million prime time viewers disappeared this year, but are still watching video on a different time table.

The FT writes that Morgan Stanley (MS) has put together a $4 billion fund to invest in Asia.

The FT writest that Canadian oil firm Encana will break into two pieces.

The FT reports that banks are starting to find buyers for mortgage securities.

Bloomberg reports that Citigroup (C) is leading Wall St. among banks punishing investors in auction rate securities.

Douglas A. McIntyre