Media Digest 6/2/2008 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

Douglas A. McIntyre

According to Reuters, the head of Harris Bank said the company was not for sale.

Reuters writes that Toyota (TM) will cut its sales forecasts for the US.

Reuters reports that Nomura will enter the US mutual fund market.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Americans in need of cash are turning to risky ways of getting it as the recession deepens.

The Wall Street Journal writes that delays in delivery from planes from Boeing (BA) and Airbus is making its easier for airlines to keep capacity low and to raise fares.

The Wall Street Journal writes that rising energy costs may keep corporate earnings from turning around.

The Wall Street Journal reports that chip makers like Nvidia (NVDA) are making more products for mobile devices.

The Wall Street Journal writes that GM’s (GM) domestic market share may fall below 20%.

The New York Times writes that Paulson sees not quick fix for high oil prices.

The FT writes that international regulators are working on plans that would make it more expensive for banks to hold complex securites like mortgage-backed paper.

Bloomberg writest that hedge funds are cutting their bets that oil will go higher.

Bloomberg writes that companies like GM (GM), Motorola (MOT), and The New York Times (NYT) are eating up their cash by paying dividends.

Douglas A. McIntyre