Nintendo: At Least People Can Still Afford Games

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The economy is so bad that most people live in a world where they shop at Wal-Mart (WMT) and eat at McDonald’s. Finding entertaining things to do has simply gotten too expensive.

Nintendo has been able to buck that trend with its least expensive and smallest product, the DS, or dual screen portable game player.

Sales of the electronics product passed 100 million units worldwide this month. Hitting that mark took a little over four years.

The landmark may be good news for Nintendo’s portable, but is probably bad news for more expensive products such as the Sony (SNE) PS3 and Microsoft (MSFT) Xbox. The ascent of an inexpensive game from the video console industry’s upstart is another sign that the broad consumer market does not want complex products. They want something cheap, fun, and easy to use.

A Nintendo DS costs $129 at A PS3 runs $400, and the games for the machine are expensive.

Which does the nearly tapped out consumer buy? The DS.

Douglas A. McIntyre