CNN Paid Lou Dobbs $8 Million To Leave

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Lou Dobbs and his ranting and raving about immigration and whether the president was born in the US finally cost him his job. He and his employer CNN spun it differently. Dobbs implied that he was moving on to bigger things which might include a run at national office.

As it turns out, according to The New York Post, Dobbs got $8 million as he left the CNN headquarters, suddenly, last week.

Dobbs has become a first class eccentric who sometimes carries a gun and send off a kind of manic signal while on the air. He began his career at CNN as a humble financial news anchor. He somehow got the network to allow him to move onto bigger things. He had become, for better or worse. CNN’s answer to Bill O’Reilly.

Dobbs ended up being an anachronism at CNN which has decided to bet it financial life on delivering hard news around the clock. That is in stark contrast to Fox and MSNBC which have become homes to commentary and not the straight “speak the news into the camera” cable networks that they once were.

Dobbs can take his $8 million and run for Senate. He may still have to explain why he thinks Obama is not a US citizen.

Douglas A. McIntyre