Press Digest 1/18/2010

Markets in Asia were narrowly mixed and slightly higher in Asia

Reuters:   Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is investigating whether an insider helped China’s cyber attack.

Reuters:   The IMF chief said there could be a double dip recession if nations withdraw stimulus too soon.

Reuters:   Abu Dhabi’s aid to Dubai dropped to $5 billion.

Reuters:   Cadbury (NYSE:CBY) shares are high on hopes of an increased bid from Kraft (NYSE:KFT).

Reuters:   Toyota (NYSE:TM) will double its hybrid output next year.

Reuters:   Global healthcare fraud costs are $250 billion a year.

WSJ:   Mazda and Ford (NYSE:F) may end their joint  venture.

NYT:   Wall St. has hired a litigator to explore a suit against the government for taxing big banks.

FT;   Kraft will sweeten its Cadbury bid.

Bloomberg:   JAL is near a deal with Delta (NYSE:DAL).

Douglas A. McIntyre