Media Digest 2/25/2010 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

Reuters:   Coca-Cola (KO) is close to buying its largest bottler.

Reuters:   Microsoft (NASAQ:MSFT) won court approve to shut down computers that spread spam and viruses.

Reuters:   Akio Toyoda (TM) apologized to Congress from problems with Toyotas.

Reuters:   The Senate passed a $15 billion jobs package.

Reuters:   Bernanke offered a pessimistic outlook for the economy and said rates would stay low.

Reuters:   Blockbuster’s (NYSE:BBI) future is in doubt after it announced  poor earnings.

Reuters:   Democrats attacked insurers for increases in rates.

Reuters:   The government may pay broadcasters for some wireless spectrum.

Reuters:   GM will shut down Hummer.

WSJ:   Problems in Spain could determine whether the euro survives.

WSJ:   The Vermont senate killed a plan for a nuclear reactor that Entergy would have built.

WSJ:   Rate increases by WellPoint have become the focus of Congress.

WSJ:   Moody’s warned about its credit rating for Japan.

WSJ:   New home sales dropped to 1963 levels.

WSJ:   Tech companies in China are trying to steal Google (GOOG) workers.

WSJ:   Cablevision (CVC) will start a web-TV operation.

WSJ:   The SEC will limits short sales.

WSJ:   KKR is close to listing on the NYSE.

NYT:   Efforts by some banks to help Greece conceal its debt may actually hurt the nation’s finances.

NYT:   Obama defended his policies at a meeting with CEOs.

NYT:   General Growth will split itself into two pieces as it leaves bankruptcy.

FT:   Losses at RBS (RBS) fell.

FT:   Advertising executives supported an EC examination of Google’s market share.

Bloomberg:   Greece’s debt may be downgraded again.

Bloomberg:   Wells Fargo (WFC) is trying to move into the top-tier of investment banking.

Douglas A. McIntyre