Media Digest 7/8/2010 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

MarketWatch:   The IMF expects slow growth this year and next.

Reuters:   The battle between the oil industry and government on drilling regulations continues.

Reuters:   The Gulf leak could be plugged in two weeks.

Reuters:   The US has set up a program to prevent cyber attacks on government and company sites.Reuters:   China may take action if the drop in its stock markets worsens.

Reuters:   News Corp (NYSE: NWS) says it has no plans to sell MySpace.

Reuters:   Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) has sold its private equity unit.

WSJ:   The coffee market is moving toward a high.

WSJ:   Banks are restructuring loans on unpaid commercial properties.

WSJ:   Apartment vacancies fell modestly.

WSJ:   Retail sales in June were relatively good.

WSJ:   The EU set stress test rules for banks.

WSJ:   German exports picked up in May.

WSJ:   AT&T Communications (NYSE: T) says a software problem has slowed its 3G network.

WSJ:   GM sold Nexteer to a Chinese company.

WSJ:   Europe will limit banker bonuses.

WSJ:   Fewer people are behind in loans according to the ABA.

WSJ:   The US may swap spies with Russia.

WSJ:   The US may cut the amount of energy it takes from Canadian oil sands.

WSJ:   Obama wants to increase jobs among exporters.

WSJ:   Bids for an Air Force tanker are due, probably pitting Boeing (NYSE: BA) against EADS.

WSJ:   China is still examining Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) license to operate in the country.

WSJ:   Video console makers may add 3G capacity.

WSJ:   Bloomberg will go into competition with Lexis Nexis

WSJ:   Toyota Motor (NYSE: TM) will add 1,000 quality engineers.

WSJ:   Sirius XM’s (NASDAQ: SIRI) sales and subscribers grew.

WSJ:   Money supply numbers from the Fed are expected to show that the economy is slow to recover.

WSJ:   China says it will not use its ownership of US debt as a weapon.

WSJ:   Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) will close its subprime unit and fire 3,600 people.

WSJ:   TARP paybacks may slow.

NYT:   Facebook is strengthening outside the US.

NYT:   The EU has set up regulations that may allow bioengineered crops to be used more easily.

FT:   The EU is looking at some curbs on Google.

FT:   The IMF says global growth may slow.

Bloomberg:   The CFO of Yahoo Inc (NASDAQ: YHOO) say it will cut the prices it pays for acquisitions.

Bloomberg:   Japan factory orders fell.

Bloomberg:   Apartment vacancies dropped from a 20-year high, according to Reis.

Douglas A. McIntyre