6 Most Important Things in Business Today

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The Justice Department filed a suit to block the AT&T (NYSE: T) takeover of Time Warner (NYSE: TWX).

The company that owns the Keystone pipeline received approval to extend it into Nebraska. Its future is still uncertain, according to The New York Times:

The long-fought pipeline got a final approval, but its fate still seemed uncertain. TransCanada, the pipeline company, did not say whether it would move forward.

Long-time TV show host Charlie Rose was accused of sexual harassment leading to his suspension at CBS (NYSE: CBS) and PBS.

Bitcoin values fell after a reported hack. According to Bloomberg:

Bitcoin slipped from a record after the $31 million theft of a cryptocurrency peer renewed concern about the security of digital coins.

The company behind tether, a cryptocurrency used by bitcoin exchanges to facilitate trades with fiat currencies, announced the theft on Tuesday. It said in a statement that a “malicious” attacker removed tokens from the Tether Treasury wallet on Nov. 19 and sent them to an unauthorized bitcoin address. The company said it’s trying to prevent the stolen coins from being used.

A Chinese internet company passed Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) in market cap. According to CNBC:

Chinese internet giant Tencent has surpassed Facebook in terms of market value just a day after it became the first Asian technology firm to reach the $500 billion valuation mark.

Tencent shares hit a record high of 439.6 Hong Kong dollars during Asian trading hours on Tuesday, giving it a market capitalization of 4.17 trillion Hong Kong dollars ($534.5 billion).

The Chinese firm’s value overtook Facebook’s $519.4 billion market capitalization, which was hit at the close of the U.S. markets on Monday

CBS said some Dish subscribers may not be able to watch the network’s shows. According to CNNMoney:

Dish Network subscribers may be having their Thanksgiving turkey without the NFL games slated to air on CBS this year.

CBS warned Dish customers Monday of a blackout that could deprive viewers of NFL and college football games over the long weekend.

CBS said that “unless agreements are reached,” Dish viewers should be prepared to lose the network starting Monday at 11:59 p.m., MT. The two sides have been sparring over fees CBS wants from Dish for retransmission.