Can Under Armour Outrun The Recession? (UA)

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Under Armour, Inc. (NYSE: UA) is set to report earnings on Tuesday around 7:00 AM EST.  The sporting apparel operation is expected to post earnings of $0.50 per share on $227.4 million in revenue.  For the current quarter, the company is expected to post $0.58 EPS on $226.8 million in revenue.

With its last quarter earnings report the sports apparel companyreiterated its 2008 net revenue outlook of $765 million to $775 million, again of 26% to 28% over 2007, and it saw 2008 income from operationsoutlook of $104.5 million to $105.5 million, a gain of 21% to 22%over 2007.

One key area to watch here is promotion and ad spending as that has been an issue that affected shareholders in the past.

Shares are up nearly 3% today at $18.62 and its 52-week trading rangeis $16.05 to $63.90.  The most recent short interest data shows thatthe stock had a 10.4 days to cover ratio with some 11.9+ million shareslisted as being in the short interest.  That was down from a priorreading of 13.1+ million shares.

With such a huge sell-off of roughly 70% from highs, you would thinkthat most of the bad news and the expected slowing spending environmentwould be factored into whatever guidance the company offers.  Theproblem is that even with a huge sell-off, the stock is not overly cheap incomparison to the overall market and to some peers.

Jon C. Ogg
October 27, 2008