Early Report on Black Friday Online Sales: Up 7%

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At noon ET on Black Friday, online sales are up 7% compared with the same period a year ago and the average order value this year is $142.33. The data is collected and reported by the Digital Analytics Benchmark group at International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM).

Other data points of interest from IBM’s cloud-based digital analytics platform:

  • Mobile traffic accounted for 37% of all online traffic, up more than third from a year ago
  • Mobile sales accounted for 21.5% of all online sales
  • Smartphones drove 24.4% of online traffic, nearly double the traffic from tablets
  • Tablet traffic drove 1.5x more sales than smartphone traffic
  • Average sale per tablet user was $137.96, compared with $119.21 per smartphone user
  • Sales to users of iPhones from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) totaled 17.5%, more than 4x the sales for users of Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android operating system
  • iPhone users posted an average sale per user of $131.52 compared with $113.13 for Android users
  • Shoppers referred by Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) averaged $93.73 per order and shoppers referred from Pinterest averaged $103.30 per order
  • Facebook referrals converted to sales at more than twice the rate of Pinterest referrals

One final note. Earlier this morning we looked at shopping versus NFL football to see which was the real American sport. The numbers are finally in for last night’s Steelers/Ravens game. More than 18.6 million viewers watched the prime-time broadcast of the game, but that number is probably far less than went shopping.