10 Things You Can Still Buy From RadioShack


When RadioShack announced it would go bankrupt two months ago, it was the second time in two years. The company’s parent, General Wireless, said it would close several hundred stores and “evaluate options” for the rest. However, is still up and running and offers bargains across a large number of consumer electronics categories.

A lot of what RadioShack sells online is from the older electronics categories that made it a retail powerhouse. These include scanners, weather radios and walkie-talkies. Manufacturer Midland makes these. The set with a range of 20 miles sells for $27.99. The product is part of a liquidation of inventory. It is marked down from $34.99, and there were only 16 sets left on last check.

Another staple RadioShack has sold for decades is batteries. It does not have any natural advantage, since almost all consumer electronics, big-box and department store retailers sell them as well. But RadioShack concentrates on its own brand, and they are not cheap. Their 16 AAA alkaline battery pack costs $11.89. At Amazon, 16 high-end EverReady Gold AAA batteries cost $9.30.

RadioShack sells drones online, and they are inexpensive. The most expensive model is the RadioShack 8.75-inch Zeraxa 2.0 camera drone for $104.99. However, it is sold out online. (This is true of a number of online sold products and may be a signal that RadioShack has inventory problems.) That leaves the RadioShack Vektor 2.0 Micro Drone for $34.99. It has four propellers, can move in any direction: up, down, side to side or in a loop. RadioShack says it is for beginners. It doesn’t have a camera.

RadioShack sells a lot of toys: cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats. They are radio controlled and mostly cheap, like the RadioShack 1966 Pontiac GTO 1:15 scale for $24.49.

Electronics tools have been a mainstay of RadioShack for years. They are primarily for hobbyists who want to build their own devices. These include soldering irons, chip testers and a 58-piece precision screwdriver set that sells for $15.39.

RadioShack has an entire collection of home electronics products. These range from alarm clocks to voice recorders to flashlights. RadioShack even sells home protection devices, but not entire systems. You can only buy security cameras like the Belkin Wemo Netcam HD+ for $79.99.

RadioShack is still in the market of PC and laptop component sales. It does not sell computers, however. Online, it sells memory sticks like the Intel Compute Stick Generation 2 for $104.99. More in keeping with its hobbyist bent, RadioShack sells PC cables and modem adapters, like the RadioShack four-foot high-speed with Ethernet HDMI cable for $20.

RadioShack still sells car electronics online. This includes GPS devices, audio accessories and cell phone mounts. Some of these are almost certainly only useful for old cars, like the RadioShack cassette adapter for $17.49. Most people don’t use cassettes anymore — anywhere.

RadioShack sells entire lines of tools online. These range from parts with which people can build their own radios to clearers and wipers to 3D printing components. In the 3D section, RadioShack sells a 3D former draw pen, which allows people to draw 3D images in space. For $47.99, customers have to back order it and wait. Or find a store, which is harder and harder to do.

Finally, the height of hobbyist sections at RadioShack’s site is called the “Parts Drawer.” It does not have a single completed product. It does have buzzers, sockets, capacitors, fans, fuses, knobs, motors, screws and magnets. In this section, its sell RadioShack graphite-filled conductive wire glue for $5.27. However, like many products RadioShack has online, it is out of stock.

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