Fast Food Can Make People Sick

Fast food is not good for people, at least for those who consume it. The relationship between fatty, high-salt food and heart and diabetes problems has been the subject of medical studies for years.

The arguments against fast foods gained again as the National Institute of Environmental Health’s Environmental Health division released research that shows fast food contains chemicals dangerous to humans.

In a new paper on the subject, experts found:

Fast food may be a source of exposure to DEHP and DiNP. These results, if confirmed, could inform individual and regulatory exposure reduction strategies.


Phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) are widely used industrial chemicals that may adversely impact human health. Human exposure is ubiquitous and can occur through diet, including consumption of processed or packaged food.

In other words, the paper showed the combination of these chemicals is harmful enough to warrant new tactics to remove them from fast food.

More bad news for fast-food companies.