Special Report

America's Biggest Advertisers

10. Disney
> 2011 Total Ad Spending: $2.1 billion
> 2011 Revenue: $40.9 billion
> Brand With Biggest Ad Spending: Disney movies
> Industry: Media

Disney had a 9% increase in advertising spending in 2011. Viacom, another media giant, increased its budget by 9% as well to just over $1 billion. Advertising for Disney movies was the largest portion of this budget at 17%. Disney also spent a large amount of its advertising expenditure on ABC, spending $162 million on the network. In contrast, Comcast spent $152 million on NBC. The media juggernaut, however, decreased ESPN’s advertising spending by 36%. That’s despite the sports channel contributing much to Disney’s first quarter 2012 profit growth.

9. L’Oreal
> 2011 Total Ad Spending: $2.1 billion
> 2011 Revenue: $28.3 billion
> Brand with biggest ad spending: L’Oreal Paris
> Industry: Cosmetics

L’Oreal, the only foreign company on this list, spent a whopping 7% of revenue on advertising. It also bucked the trend of moving away from old media to new media. The cosmetics and beauty company increased its magazine spending by more than 22% to $702 million, now comprising about a third of total advertising spending. And while Internet spending rose by 185% compared to 2010’s spending, it totaled only $25 million, or about 3.5% of its magazine advertising expenses. The company spent $503 million in 2011 on L’Oreal Paris, the company’s most advertised brand. This is up 14.4% from 2010.

8. American Express
> 2011 Total Ad Spending: $2.1 billion
> 2011 Revenue: $30 billion
> Brand With Biggest Ad Spending: American Express
> Industry: Financial Services

The advertising budget of American Express is more than double the combined budgets of rivals Discover and Visa. The credit card company spends more than 25%  of its measured spending on television advertising. The New York-based corporation ranks 10th in the country for spending on the Internet. More recently, the company started a social mobile ad campaign that encourages users to create personalized accounts that details their interests in shopping, traveling, and dining. By linking this account with their card and a Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare account, users then have access to  special rewards.

7. Ford
> 2011 Total Ad Spending: $2.1 billion
> 2011 Revenue: $136.3 million
> Brand With Biggest Ad Spending: Ford
> Industry: Cars

Just as AT&T has a different advertising strategy compared to Verizon, Ford uses a different  strategy compared to GM. Magazine spending is only down 0.5% at Ford to $136.2 billion, while it plunged 45% to $215 million at GM. Meanwhile, Ford decreased its Internet advertising by 31% to $90 million, which is compared to an increase of 7% to $242 million at its rival. That spending on measurable marketing is down 7% from last year, mostly because Ford  cut ad spending on its luxury brand, Lincoln, by 23% to $175 million. Meanwhile, another rival, Toyota, increased its spending on marketing its luxury brand, Lexus by 12% to $233 million.

6. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
> 2011 Total Ad Spending: $2.4 billion
> 2011 Revenue: $97.2 billion
> Brand With Biggest Ad Spending: Chase
> Industry: Financial Services

J.P. Morgan’s advertising spending increased by 22% from 2010 to 2011. During this time, the banking company doubled its spending on online advertisements to $73 million and almost doubled its spending on network TV ads to $130 million. Not surprisingly, Chase, the retail side of the bank, received a marketing budget of almost six times that of the investment bank arm, JPMorgan. The next bank on the list, Bank of America, comes in at 17th on the list with a total budget of $1.7 billion.