This Year’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes

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Americans will spend as much as $2.6 billion on their Halloween costumes this year, according to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation. The NRF reports that $1.2 billion of that will be for children’s costumes, $1.4 billion for adults and another $330 million for pets.

Americans will be opting for more traditional costumes this year, the NRF predicts. The most popular costumes include vampires, princesses and witches. In all, more than 158 million people are expected to wear a costume. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed this year’s most popular Halloween costumes.

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With only a few exceptions, the most popular costumes this year have been Halloween staples for decades. For example, witches, animals, superheroes and princesses all made the top 10 overall.

Other costumes on the list also have been popular for a long time, but may have received a recent boost from recent attention in pop culture. For example, in 2012 zombies were the ninth most popular costume for children, and the fifth most popular for adults. This year, they are seventh among children and fourth among adults. The NRF estimates the number of people masquerading as the dead should increase by more than a quarter million this Halloween.

Marvel, DC Comics and the companies that produce superhero costumes also will have another big year. An estimated 4.1% of all people dressing up for Halloween said they planned to wear an action hero or superhero costume, the fourth most popular answer. And that is only among those who did not specify which hero they were going to be. Batman characters were the second most popular choice. Other Halloween favorites include Superman and Spider-Man.

Halloween has always been considered a holiday for children. This year, however, according to the survey, there actually will be more adults wearing costumes. While adults and children share several of the same top costumes, there are notable exceptions. For example, princesses, by far the most popular costume for children, are only tied for 17th for adults. Vampires, the third most popular costumes for adults, are 13th for children.

To identify this year’s most popular Halloween costumes, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the National Retail Federation’s 2013 Halloween Consumer Spending Survey. The results are based on the number of adults and children who knew what they were going to be, with a million adults still undecided at the time of the survey.

These are this year’s most popular Halloween costumes.