Top Selling Products From Each State

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11. Hawaii
> Largest export:
> 2014 petroleum value: $569 million
> Pct. change in petroleum export value (2013-2014): 433.8%
> Petroleum as share of total state exports: 39.2%

Though Hawaii has two refineries in the Honolulu port area, it does not produce any petroleum on its own. In fact, largely for this reason, Hawaii is the most petroleum-dependent state in the nation. Enormous quantities of oil pass through Hawaii both as imports and exports. Between 2013 and 2014 the value of Hawaii’s petroleum exports more than quadrupled from 106.7 million to 569.3 million, surpassing aircraft and aircraft parts as the state’s most valuable export.

12. Idaho
> Largest export:
Memory chips
> 2014 memory chips value: $1.41 billion
> Pct. change in memory chips export value (2013-2014): -29.5%
> Memory chips as share of total state exports: 27.4%

Most people might assume that Idaho’s biggest export is the potato. In fact, potatoes are not even in the top five. Instead, the largest exporting industry in the state by far is electronic components. Exports of memory chips alone were roughly worth $1.4 billion in 2014, and the combined value of state’s next biggest exports, circuits and other miscellaneous computer parts, was nearly $500 million. Micron Technologies, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of semiconductors and memory chips, is based in Boise.

13. Illinois
> Largest export:
> 2014 petroleum value: $6.09 billion
> Pct. change in petroleum export value (2013-2014): 46.9%
> Petroleum as share of total state exports: 8.9%

As in six other states, in Illinois, the value of petroleum exports surpasses that of all other goods shipped from the state to foreign nations. While a state’s largest export is not necessarily representative of its economy, Illinois’ crude oil refining capacity dominates the Midwest. Only Texas, Louisiana and California process more crude annually. Illinois refineries, including its largest — Wood River refinery — process domestic as well as foreign crude, primarily from Canada. Nearly a third of all the state’s export are destined for Canada.

14. Indiana
> Largest export:
> 2014 medication value: $4.31 billion
> Pct. change in medication export value (2013-2014): -12.4%
> Medication as share of total state exports: 12.1%

Like many U.S. states, Indiana’s primary export partner is Canada, which received just over one-third of the the state’s total exports, or roughly $12 billion of the state’s $35 billion in exports in 2014. Medication, the state’s most valuable export, accounted for $4.3 billion worth of products leaving the state to destinations abroad. This made the state the biggest exporter of medication by far in the country. Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is headquartered in Indianapolis and is one of the largest employers in the state.

15. Iowa
> Largest export:
> 2014 corn value: $1.17 billion
> Pct. change in corn export value (2013-2014): 115.9%
> Corn as share of total state exports: 7.7%

Two-thirds of the states that export corn are located in the U.S. farm belt. After Louisiana and Washington, Iowa exports the most corn in the country. A large exporter of perishable food products, 7.0% of the Iowa’s export value comes from pork and another 2.4% comes from beef. Perhaps not surprising, a large share of the Iowa’s exports never travel very far. Slightly more than 30% of the state’s exports go to Canada and another 15.4% go to Mexico.