Special Report

Cars So Hot They're Out of Stock

5. i8
> Make:
> Avg. days to turn: 19.3
> 2014-2015 sales change: +308.1%
> Starting MSRP: $140,700

The BMW i8 is a hybrid sports car with both an electric motor and a fuel engine. Introduced in 2014, BMW sold 555 units of the i8 in the first year. Sales spiked 300% in 2015, when the German automaker sold 2,265 units. On average, i8s spent less than 20 days on the lot before they were sold in 2015. According to Fleming, the i8 is so popular because there is nothing else like it on the market.

4. GT
> Make:
> Avg. days to turn: 18.7
> 2014-2015 sales change: N/A
> Starting MSRP: $129,900

Brand new models tend to capture the public’s attention and are far more likely to spend relatively little time on the lot before being sold. The GT class, which first became available in April 2015, is a high-end luxury model with a base MSRP of $129,900. That the car was not available the entire year and that so few are sold — less than 1,300 through the entirety of 2015 — likely contributed to the model’s low days to turn.

3. Highlander
> Make:
> Avg. days to turn: 18.2
> 2014-2015 sales change: +8.8%
> Starting MSRP: $29,990

The Toyota Highlander was one of only five vehicles to sit on the lot for an average of less than 20 days in 2015. More Highlanders were sold in each of the last three years than any other vehicle on this list. Sales of the the Japanese automaker’s crossover SUV were certainly spurred by the brand’s overall popularity. Toyota sells more cars in the United States than any other foreign automaker.

2. HR-V
> Make:
> Avg. days to turn: 17.7
> 2014-2015 sales change: N/A
> Starting MSRP: $19,215

The HR-V, honda’s new subcompact crossover SUV, debuted in May 2015. Between the high appeal of newer models, the current demand for SUVs and crossovers, and the fact that the car was not even available for sale the entire year, it is no surprise that only one model spent less time on the lot than the HR-V before being sold last year.

1. Outback
> Make:
> Avg. days to turn: 16.0
> 2014-2015 sales change: +9.7%
> Starting MSRP: $24,995

Subaru is one of the hottest car brands in the country, breaking its annual U.S. sales record in 2015 for the eighth consecutive year. Sales of the brand’s Outback model, which is second only to the Forrester as the most popular Subaru, increased by 22.7% through the first three months of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015.