Special Report

Cars So Hot They're Out of Stock

Americans bought 17.54 million cars and light trucks in 2016, yet another record and an all-time high. While not all cars sell equally fast, dealers cannot seem to keep some models in stock.

With data provided by Kelley Blue Book, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the average number of days vehicles sat on U.S. dealership lots before selling in 2016. Days to turn is often used to roughly reflect demand for certain models. It is not a perfect measure, as manufacturers can often simply produce too few units of a given model. Generally, however, many models with low days to turn have high demand.

While cars with high days to turn can sit on lots for over 150 days, most of the models on this list are sold within a month. The vast majority of these cars are SUVs, crossovers, or trucks, which have dominated U.S. auto sales in recent years.

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