Because of Mississippi’s comparatively poor socioeconomic and health conditions, the state ranks as the worst in which to live.
Governor David Ige of Hawaii was the least popular governor in a recent survey of approval ratings during the pandemic.
In some states, the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has been far worse than in others.
As many as 25,000 members of the National Guard could be in Washington, D.C., for the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on January 20.
Though the odds of winning the jackpot are astronomically low, Americans still spend billions of dollars on the lottery each year in the hopes of striking it rich. Across the 44 states that have some...
It remains to be seen if Donald Trump will leave office on January 20 or will be forced out first. Either way, he is almost certainly the richest man who has served as president.
The average American gave more than $600 to charity last year. Generosity skyrocketed in some states and dropped in others.
Corvallis, Oregon, is the American city with the highest rate of people who have graduated from high school.
Each of the lower 48 states is home to at least one major city where the typical household earns less than the national average.
The state that lost the most population from 2010 to 2020 was West Virginia. It was one of only six states that lost residents in that time.
Per capita income in the United States has more than doubled in the past 60 years. That is not so in the "RV Capital of the World" though.
A new study shows the states that people fled in 2020 and those to which they moved.
Utah's population has risen by 17% in the past decade, the most of any state, while New York and Illinois were among those that lost residents.
Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Chicago was considered the murder capital of America. Murders in almost every large U.S. city surged in 2020 as civil unrest and the spread of COVID-19 triggered a...
Members of Congress have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and quarantined since early March, and five are self-quarantined as of today.