There is still much economic uncertainty facing the economy and the stock market. This uncertainty also pertains to bonds, as well as the recent trading in gold and silver. The tech-heavy NASDAQ had...
Some 125 CEOs left their jobs in July, a third more than left in June and roughly equal to the July 2019 total.
There may still be no clear reasons for brick-and-mortar retailers to start a massive celebration yet, but those endless growth rates in online spending have started to come down.
So far this year, gun deaths in American total more than 25,000, and more than half of those were suicides. These deaths are increasing at an extraordinary rate.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the number of job openings was little changed in June. Some fear that this may have been the last boost from economic stimulus.
The American jobless rate saw a sharp improvement in July. However, one group fared much worse.
In July, most segments of the population posted an improvement in employment. The rate among Black Americans did not improve much.
The financial markets and Main Street agree that each release of the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment Situation report is one of the most important as a fair measure of the economy.
The Institute for Supply Management's readout for the services sector posted its second monthly gain in a row for July.
Economists look closely ahead of each monthly unemployment and payrolls report at hiring trends in the private sector and in small businesses.
The hottest place in the world right now is a city in Tunisia, where it is over 121 degrees Fahrenheit and isn't expected to cool much soon.
The COVID-19 pandemic is making the problem of food insecurity even worse for the world's poorest countries. A new report from Oxfam illustrates the extent of the damage.
Corporate debt defaults soared in the second quarter according to the latest report from Moody's. And it will get worse the longer the COVID-19 pandemic lasts.
The final reading for July from the University of Michigan consumer sentiment index revealed a 7.2% month-over-month drop in consumer sentiment and a decline of more than 26% compared to July of last...
Can a small city that is relatively isolated and has several small businesses ride out a recession that has badly damaged almost every other part of the country?