The Largest Employer in Every State

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41. South Dakota
> Largest employer:
Avera Health
> Employee headcount: 13,000

With dozens of locations throughout South Dakota, including the highly regarded Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center in Sioux Falls, Avera Health is the largest employer in the state. While Avera employs 13,000 people statewide, the health care partnership employs more people in its locations in Iowa and Minnesota.

42. Tennessee
> Largest employer:
> Employee headcount: 40,398

With 40,398 associates as of early March, the number of Walmart employees is more than double the 19,997 headcount at Vanderbilt University, the state’s second largest employer. Beyond employing the most people, Walmart’s presence in the state is felt in other ways. According to the company’s website, Walmart spent $5 billion on suppliers in Tennessee in fiscal 2015, supporting another 39,336 jobs.

43. Texas
> Largest employer:
> Employee headcount: 166,131

With 564 store locations and 166,131 employees as of March, Walmart is by far the largest employer in the Lonestar State. While Texas is not the most populous state, it has more Walmart locations than any other state. Walmart employs only 87,248 people in 298 stores in California, the largest state in the country by population.

44. Utah
> Largest employer:
Intermountain Healthcare
> Employee headcount: 20,000+

Like in most states, Utah’s public university system is one of the largest employers in the state, with 18,600 employees. Intermountain Healthcare, however, employs even more workers in the state at over 20,000. This headcount is about the same as Utah’s state government employment.

45. Vermont
> Largest employer:
The University of Vermont Medical Center
> Employee headcount: 7,400

The University of Vermont Medical Center, previously known as Fletcher Allen Health, is the largest employer in Vermont. While the center shares its name with UVM — also located in Burlington — it is a fully independent organization. According to a spokesperson from the hospital network, the medical center serves as a teaching hospital for UVM.