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Top Selling Products From Each State

Raw Copper Ore
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26. Montana
> Largest export: Copper oxide
> 2015 copper oxide value: $147.1 million
> Pct. change in copper oxide export value (2014-2015): 20.2%
> Copper oxide as share of total state exports: 10.6%

Montana is one of the smallest exporters in the U.S. The total goods leaving the state to other countries amounted to less than $1.4 billion in 2015. Texas’s 2015 exports were 326 times larger than Montana’s, and only its neighbor, Wyoming, exported less. The state’s top two exports — copper oxide, and coal — are mined resources.

Cattle in a Nebraska Feedlot in Summer, Beef
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27. Nebraska
> Largest export: Beef
> 2015 beef value: $966.6 million
> Pct. change in beef export value (2014-2015): -12.2%
> Beef as share of total state exports: 14.7%

Nebraska’s economy relies heavily on agriculture. A major producer of corn, grain, and soybeans, Nebraska is most notable for cattle farming. The state produced 7.5 billion pounds of commercial red meat in 2015. Much of that was likely sold abroad.

Beef accounts for nearly 15% of Nebraska’s total exports. Roughly $1 billion worth of Nebraska beef is shipped to foreign countries. While Canada and Mexico are the state’s most common export destinations, roughly a fifth of all exports out of Nebraska goes to Japan and China. The state’s second largest export is hides, worth nearly half a billion dollars in export value.

Molten Liquid Gold, Nevada
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28. Nevada
> Largest export: Gold
> 2015 gold value: $3.94 billion
> Pct. change in gold export value (2014-2015): 40.8%
> Gold as share of total state exports: 45.5%

Nevada shipped $3.94 billion worth of gold abroad in 2015, 45.5% of the state’s total export value. The gold industry has always been central to the Nevada economy, even before the state joined the Union. The first gold rush in the state occurred as early as 1849. The discovery of silver a decade later brought more prospectors to the state, and the resulting population boom led to Nevada gaining statehood in 1864.

Today, Nevada produces an estimated 73% of the nation’s gold. Nevada’s largest export market is Switzerland, which refines roughly two-thirds of the world’s gold — the Swiss franc currency is backed by gold reserves.

Two woman at cafe, cell phone
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29. New Hampshire
> Largest export: Cell phones
> 2015 cell phones value: $287.6 million
> Pct. change in cell phones export value (2014-2015): -42.8%
> Cell phones as share of total state exports: 7.2%

New Hampshire’s export value of about $4 billion in 2015 was 10th lowest of all states. Telecommunications and other electronic products make up a significant share of the goods shipped abroad from the state, with products related to phones or office equipment such as printers and copiers making up a bulk of the top exports. The state’s biggest export in 2015, coming to nearly $290 million, is cell phones.

Not surprisingly, the most common foreign destination for goods from New Hampshire is Canada, a country with which the state shares a small border.

Port Newark, Petroleum, New Jersey
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30. New Jersey
> Largest export: Petroleum
> 2015 petroleum value: $1.53 billion
> Pct. change in petroleum export value (2014-2015): -53.1%
> Petroleum as share of total state exports: 4.8%

While New Jersey does not produce any crude oil, it does operate three oil refineries. New Jersey is also the endpoint of the Colonial Pipeline, the largest petroleum product pipeline in the country. New Jersey exported $1.53 billion worth of petroleum in 2015, making it the state’s largest export.

The price of oil worldwide dropped in 2014 and 2015, the dollar value of petroleum exports from most states depreciated. New Jersey’s petroleum export value was 53.1% lower in 2015 than in 2014, or $1.7 billion less.