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The Most Popular Baby Names of the 1800s

Source: Wikimedia Commons

4. George
> Babies named 1880-1899: 91,009

The name George hit its late-19th-century peak in 1882 with 5,193 baby boys given the name. It was the fourth most popular boys’ name that year. Today, it ranks 125th.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

3. James
> Babies named 1880-1899: 104,779

At last, we’ve reached the top three most popular male names from 1880-1899. James was most popular in 1880 with 5,927 baby boys given the name.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

2. William
> Babies named 1880-1899: 157,125

The second most popular name in the late 19th century, William hit its peak in 1880 with a total of 9,532 baby boys. William has never fallen outside of the top 20 boys’ names.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

1. John
> Babies named 1880-1899: 170,615

Finally, the most popular name during the late 1800s, John hit its peak in 1880 with 9,655 baby boys given the name that year. It remained one of the top 10 boys’ names for a century, and ranked 28th in 2016.