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The Most Popular Baby Names of the 1800s

Female Baby Names:

Source: Wikimedia Commons

17. Ruth
> Babies named 1880-1899: 38,165

Ruth reached its 19th century peak in the year 1898. It ranked as the fifth most popular name that year. Ruth only remained within the top 10 most popular names until the year 1930. Today it barely ranks among the top 300 girls’ names.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

16. Grace
> Babies named 1880-1899: 39,031

In the 19th century, Grace was most popular in 1898, when it ranked 15th. Parents largely forgot about the name beginning in the 1930’s, but it was revived in the 90’s. In the years 2003 and 2004, Grace ranked as the 13th most popular baby girl’s name.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

15. Ida
> Babies named 1880-1899: 39,495

The girl’s name Ida had its most popular year in the late 19th century in 1892, when 2,259 baby girls were given the name. Unfortunately, Ida’s popularity decreased after the year 1918. In fact, by 1986, Ida had fallen into total obscurity, and wasn’t even one of 1,000 most popular names that year, or any year since.