Special Report

9 States Drinking the Most Beer

Beer has been a popular drink choice in the United States since before the American Revolution. Even during Prohibition, many major breweries found ways to stay open, and some states refused to adopt any enforcement code, effectively allowing residents to continue consuming beer. As recently as last year, the typical American adult drank 27 gallons of beer — equivalent to about 288 bottles.

Beer consumption is not uniform across all states, and people living in certain parts of the country are far more likely to drink beer than others. Factors such as state tax codes and geography all appear to influence Americans’ drinking habits. Per capita beer consumption also correlates with a number of health outcomes and behaviors.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed wholesale beer shipping volume in each state, adjusted to the drinking age population, to identify the states where beer consumption per capita is highest. Annual beer consumption per adult in the top nine states ranges from 33.4 gallons, or 356 bottles, to 41.7 gallons, or about 445 bottles. Per capita consumption data was provided by the Beer Institute, a Washington D.C. based industry advocacy group.

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