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Who Is on the Short List to Succeed Kalanick at Uber?

Source: Regi51 / Wikimedia Commons

4. Marissa Mayer
> Age: 42
> Industry: Technology
> Job status: Former chief executive officer/president of Yahoo
> Net worth: $540 million

Marissa Mayer launched her tech career as one of Google’s first employees and eventually became chief executive of Yahoo in July 2012. Traffic and advertising revenue at Yahoo continued to decline during her tenure, and net income plunged about 80%. Yahoo’s stock climbed 151% from the time Mayer became CEO until July 2016, when Verizon agreed to buy Yahoo. Mayer resigned from Yahoo when Verizon closed the acquisition in June.

5. Susan Wojcicki
> Age: 49
> Industry: Technology
> Job status: Chief executive officer of YouTube
> Net worth: $410 million

Susan Wojcicki was one of the first employees at Google and is considered one of the rising stars in the tech world. Wojcicki led Google’s purchase of YouTube in 2006. She has run the biggest online video platform in the world since February 2014. At the Vidcon conference in June where she gave the keynote address, Wojcicki said YouTube had 1.5 billion monthly users. Wojcicki is the mother of five and has been a proponent of paid family leave and an outspoken advocate for women aspiring to the executive suite.

Source: media.ford.com

6. Mark Fields
> Age: 56
> Industry: Automotive
> Job status: Former chief executive officer of Ford
> Net worth: N/A

The former CEO of Ford, Mark Fields was forced out in May after three years at the helm of the venerable automaker. Under Fields, the carmaker’s sales reached a record in both 2015 and 2016, rising with the overall industry. Since then, sales have decelerated and the company was concerned that under Fields Ford was not moving fast enough to develop technology for self-driving vehicles and electric cars. Prior to his stint as CEO, Fields was credited with turning around various units at Ford, including its North America operations.

Source: Ford Motor Company / Wikimedia Commons

7. Alan Mulally
> Age: 71
> Industry: Automotive
> Job status: Former Ford chief executive officer
> Net worth: N/A

Another former Ford CEO, Alan Mulally is credited with helping turn around the iconic automaker before he retired in 2014. Because of his experience in reversing the fortunes of a troubled company also in the transportation field, Mulally would appear to be among the most desirable candidates to succeed Kalanick. A former executive at Boeing, Mulally’s expertise in the automotive industry would help Uber as it looks to move forward in autonomous vehicle development.