Special Report

The Most Famous Band Formed the Year You Were Born

Michael B. Sauter, Charles Stockdale

About seven decades ago, a rock and roll group called The Beatles was formed in Liverpool, England. They would go on to make 27 separate No. 1 singles and become the top selling band of all time.

Musical ensembles have been around since there was music. But it was not until amplifiers were introduced and recording technology rapidly improved in the early to mid-20th century that rock and pop bands became the cultural touchstones they are today. Solo artists like Elvis Presley paved the way in the 1950s, but The Beatles truly kicked off a global obsession with rock and roll and pop music.

Every year since The Beatles were formed in 1957, at least one massively popular band — and usually many — came together. Based on measures of popularity, including records sales, Wikipedia page views, billboard charts, and more, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the most famous band formed every year from 1957 through 2010.

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