Special Report

The Most Famous Band Formed Each Year Since 1957

In 1957, four boys from Liverpool got together to form one of the most popular rock bands of all time — The Beatles. With each member contributing a special something, the group ushered in the modern band era and changed the course of music history forever.

Current popular music is especially favored by the youth, who often are drawn to what’s new. Each generation tends to champion its own bands and often is uninterested in what came before. With musicians constantly forming new groups, the demands of the youth for new music is always satisfied.

24/7 Tempo has identified the most famous band formed each year from 1957 through 2002 by reviewing online popularity, album sales, and Wikipedia page views for thousands of musical groups. While no band has found the same stunning level of success as the always fascinating Beatles, each has made a lasting impact on popular music and won fans across the world.

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