Bing Predicts: NFL Week 8

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There were three shutouts in Week 7 — matching the total for the entire 2016 NFL season. Strange, eh? Here’s to putting another odd NFL week in the books.

While no one can predict shutouts, a hat-tip to Bing Predicts for accurately calling 12 of 15 games in Week 7. The prediction algorithm made it look easy, even though it wasn’t.

  • The New Orleans Saints’ 26-17 win at Green Bay? Bing called it.
  • Same with the Los Angeles Chargers’ 21-0 victory over the Denver Broncos.
  • Did you see the Miami Dolphins eking out a win over the Baltimore Ravens? Bing did.

Like most of us, Bing didn’t foresee the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Oakland Raiders. Still, 12-3 makes for an impressive week.

It is on to Week 8 now, and once again, there are some tough matchups to call.

It’s safe to say that the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles will be favorites no matter the competition. This week the Patriots welcome the hard-to-read Chargers, while the Eagles host the winless San Francisco 49ers. Bing can certainly handle those two.

What about the Chicago Bears at New Orleans? The Saints get the edge, but those Bears can be pesky and surprising.

The Carolina Panthers are also getting a slight Bing edge over Tampa Bay. Much of that outcome will depend on which Cam Newton takes the field. Let’s just say the quarterback is unpredictable.

Bing’s NFL predictions use team and player statistics and web activity to build a statistical model that takes into account historical data and real-time information (like injuries, suspensions, and lineup changes). Finally, social sentiment adds a unique wisdom-of-the-crowd factor to the model. Learn more about Bing Predicts.

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