Bing Predicts: NFL Week 11

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As the NFL season progresses, predicting wins for teams like the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles gets easier and easier. The opponent or location doesn’t seem to matter much. Those two elite teams just keep rolling.

Bing Predicts had a solid week 10, correctly calling 11 of 14 NFL games.

The ones it missed were tough, mostly involving bottom feeders. Chicago was Bing’s favorite, and yet the Green Bay Packers, with Brett Hundley substituting at quarterback for the injured Aaron Rodgers, pulled off the win at Soldier Field. The New York Jets got respect from Bing, but Tampa Bay eked out a 15-10 victory.

The toughest game to pick might have been the one between the New York Giants, who had managed just one win, and San Francisco, a team that was winless. It was basically a toss-up, and Bing came out on the wrong side, choosing the Giants. The 49ers picked up their first win, 31-21.

In the upcoming Week 11, several interesting matchups seem difficult to predict.

The Patriots should be a lock to beat the Oakland Raiders even though the game will be played in Mexico City. International games don’t always follow conventional wisdom, but Tom Brady and his bunch seem adaptable, and they are favored by a wide margin.

The four teams leading their respective divisions in the National Football Conference — the Vikings, the Saints, the Rams, and the Eagles — all failed to make the playoffs last year. All but the Vikings had a losing record.

A battle between two of those teams, both with 7-2 records is also tricky to call. The Minnesota Vikings are at home against the Los Angeles Rams. The Vikings are on a roll, winning five straight, while the Rams have won four in a row. Bing gives a slight edge to the Vikings.

Before the season started, the Eagles playing at Dallas Cowboys looked like a mighty fine matchup. Now? Not so much. The Eagles have earned the respect of the league, while the Cowboys have been a big disappointment.

Bing’s NFL predictions use team and player statistics and web activity to build a statistical model that takes into account historical data and real-time information (like injuries, suspensions, and lineup changes). Finally, social sentiment adds a unique wisdom-of-the-crowd factor to the model. Learn more about Bing Predicts.

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