Special Report

25 Cities Where Most People Are Single

Most people spend a significant portion of their youth single. Whether you consider tying the knot as something to defer to the future or something to avoid altogether, the truth is, there’s much less pressure to get married at a young age. And where you live may influence your current relationship status.

To identify the places with the most single people, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed 15 and older populations in every metropolitan area who have never married, who are divorced, and who are widowed. In 25 cities a strong majority of the population is technically single.

Marital status of the U.S. population has changed significantly over the years, with some of the most notable changes taking place in just the past five decades. The shares of married men and women in the U.S. declined from approximately 70% in the 1960s to just over 50% last year.

Perhaps the age at which people are choosing to get hitched has contributed to the perceived plummet in marriages. While most people still marry today, they marry much later in life, according to the Census Bureau. If 8 in 10 people were married by 30 years old in the 1970s, today it is not until the age 45 that 8 in 10 are married.

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