Special Report

Best NFL Players of All Time From Every State

Source: Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

Montana: Jerry Kramer, G
> Birthplace: Jordan
> Years active: 1958-1968
> Primary team(s): Green Bay Packers
> Honors: 3x Pro-bowl, 5x All-pro, 5x NFL champion, 2x Super Bowl champion
> Runner Up: Pat Donovan

Source: Joe Robbins / Getty Images

Nebraska: Mick Tingelhoff, C
> Birthplace: Lexington
> Years active: 1962-1978
> Primary team(s): Minnesota Vikings
> Honors: 6x Pro-bowl, 5x All-pro, Hall of Fame
> Runner Up: Ahman Green

Source: Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

Nevada: DeMarco Murray, RB
> Birthplace: Las Vegas
> Years active: 2011-present
> Primary team(s): Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans
> Honors: 3x Pro-bowl, All-pro
> Runner Up: Max McGee

Source: Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

New Hampshire: Greg Landry, QB
> Birthplace: Nashua
> Years active: 1968-1984
> Primary team(s): Detroit Lions
> Honors: Pro-bowl
> Runner Up: Don Macek

Source: Rick Stewart / Getty Images

New Jersey: Franco Harris, RB
> Birthplace: Fort Dix
> Years active: 1972-1984
> Primary team(s): Pittsburgh Steelers
> Honors: 9x Pro-bowl, All-pro, 4x Super Bowl champion, Hall of Fame
> Runner Up: Jim Ringo